Instruction for Presenters

Each session room is hosted by a conference staff to assist you with Zoom meeting room operation.

Once you are in the meeting room please change your display name as follow:

Registration Number: AIUE2020-000

Registered Name: XXX

Identity: Presenter No.x (the number is your presentation number in this session.)

Example of Display Name in Zoom: AIUE2020-000- XXX (Presenter No.X)

Before the Session Starts

1. Enter the meeting room at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time of the session.

2. Please be reminded that all the time shown in the program is based on Japan Standard Time (JST) UTC/GMT +9 hours. You may use the Time Zone Converter to convert to your local time.

3. Turn on your video to introduce yourself to the session chair and the hosting staff.

4. If you experience any difficulties sharing your video, please visit the Zoom Help Center.

5. Please mute audio and stop video until your Q&A time.

During the Session

1. After the session chair introduces you, please turn on your video.

2. The conference staff will play your presentation video which you have submitted before.

During the Q&A

1. Please response only to the questions raised by the session chair.

2. You may use audio only to response to the questions, and share screen feature to support your responses.