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Call for Papers!


“Journal of iSMART”(International Journal of innovation for sustainable maritime architecture research and technology) (ISSN 2435-2284), which was founded in 2019, is an international journal supported by Qingdao University of Technology Coastal Human Settlements Environmental Academic Innovation Center. The Journal is issued at home and abroad.

The construction of a new type of smart city mainly represented by the Urban Information Model (CIM) provides a new development method for traditional construction disciplines and a new urban application scenario for information disciplines. At the same time, the development of urban governance systems, organizations and new business forms under the framework of the new smart city will also provide a new exploration space for related economics, management, humanities and other disciplines. In order to promote the theory and application innovation of smart city construction, the editorial board of “Journal of iSMART” decided to hold a special issue with the theme of “Super Intelligent Society and New Smart City Construction”. All the submitted papers which are finally selected by the editorial board will be published in the main issue of “Journal of iSMART”.


City Information Model (CIM)
Smart city construction
Big data and artificial intelligence
Green building and smart construction
Urban governance in the context of smart cities
New business formats and new economic models under the background of smart cities
Including but not limited to the above directions

Instructions for Authors

Deadline for paper submission:December 30, 2020
Paper registration fee:Specially invited papers or submissions before December 20, 2020 will be exempt from the paper registration fee; otherwise, a registration fee of US$300 (or RMB 2000) will be charged.
Paper FormatPaper Format
Official language of the paper:English
Paper submission
Tel:Xi Meng 18215522268;Yanxue Li 15689978251;Ke Liu 18802935120