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  • Introduction

Innovation institute for Sustainable Maritime Architecture Research and Technology of Qingdao Technological University was established in September 2018. Professor Weijun Gao, the first foreign academician of the Japanese Academy of Engineering, served as the chief scientist of the center, Vice President Dehu Yu of Qingdao Technological University served as the director of the center, and Congbao Xu, dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, served as the deputy director of the center. Professor Xingtian Wang, one of the 100 Chinese architectural design masters, joined the center in 2019 to establish a creative Qingdao Architectural Design Center. The center effectively integrates the traditional superior disciplines of Qingdao Technological University such as architectural planning, civil engineering, environment, and machanical. In the field of human settlements under the "General Architecture" system, further develop and improve the "environmental architecture field", "circular architecture field" and "smart construction field". In order to create a smart and livable green coastal human settlement environment and protect the ecological environment of coastal cities, on the basis of this research, it combines the characteristics and development needs of contemporary coastal cities. Relying on the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, it deeply integrates architecture with civil engineering, environment, machinery, information, art, management, marine engineering, disaster prevention and mitigation and other fields. Establish a new interdisciplinary "Marine Architecture" and study the key technologies and integrated applications of coastal green city development.

  • Team composition

The main members include 1 Japanese Academician of Engineering, 1 National Candidate of the New Century Hundreds, 1Thousands of Talents Project, 1 national "Thousand Talents Program" young candidates, and 1 winners of the New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education. There are 2 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the provincial level, 4 special allowances from the national government, 1 famous teaching teacher at the provincial level, 1 chief expert at Shandong Higher Education Institutions, and a group of outstanding young backbones. In addition, there are 8 people from famous overseas universities such as the Berkeley National Experimental Center in California, and Heriot-Watt University in the UK. The researchers include 15 regular staff, 15 extraordinary staff, 20-30 doctoral researchers, and 5-10 well-known experts at home and abroad to participate in the center's academic work guidance on a regular or irregular basis.

  • Development ideas

Aiming at the key technological innovations and breakthroughs required after the cross-integration of the environment, circulation, and smart buildings in the coastal environment. With the goal of building a smart, livable and ecological human settlement environment in coastal cities, we will build a digital and visual monitoring platform for energy and buildings. Propose solutions for building and regional energy optimization design and operation and maintenance; build a coastal city green human settlement demonstration project. Finally, an evaluation system for marine buildings in coastal cities will be established, and relevant policies, industry and technical standards will be formulated.