Kitakyushu Sustainable Coastal City 2050

提供: 北九州市立大学国際環境工学部高偉俊研究室
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International Student Design Competition“Kitakyushu Sustainable Coastal City 2050”



Nakashima Mitsuhiko, Konishi Yui, Fan Liyang, Liu Jianan, Hamada Yuki





We propose a new image of the port city Kitakyushu that can attract more people as an environmental sustainable city. We have two important systems in this proposal. First, the new urban transportation systems. Kitakyushu City has about 200km of coastline, and its 80 percent have already been developed as a port on an artificial beach. We have potential advantage to use ferry as major transportation instead of cars. In addition, the ships move using waste heat power from factories and fuel made in waste. The energy of ships is covered by a natural energy to reduce the environmental impact of traffic in the city. In old days, plants were polluting the environment and had the negative image. In 2050, the factory support the city as a clean energy center, and people regain pride in the plant. The other is the conversion of land use in port. The large tracts of land managed by the administration can only be used for industrial or trade (container terminals) now. The Kitakyushu harbor is not familiar with the local people. Easing restrictions on the port area, and adding various features to suit the region, we can realize the new city that more integrated the sea, the port and people.